Sunday, March 15, 2009

bye to you!

Last night my friend(the one I've been talking about for quite sometime now because of her being pregnant) texted me saying that she's finally made up her mind. She told me that she won't abort her child anymore. That's good, real good! But deep inside of me there's this pain thats been bugging me. I know I should be happy for her but I also know that sooner or later she would soon forget me and go on with her not-so-ordinary-life. And I know for sure that she and her bf will one day get married and that's my cue to exit in her life. I really don't know whats happening to fact I can't even understand my own feelings for things for sure and that is I'm confused... I like her, yes that's true but theres something more... Arghhh! I hope someday she'll find her true happiness and I hope she'll find it in her soon-to-be husband. I'm really happy for her even though I know someday she'll eventually forget me.. Though I've only met her recently, her memories will be forever etched in my heart...

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