Saturday, May 16, 2009

i was born to fall..

whenever i experienced pain and sacrificing.when things go wrong and i feel that there is no more hope for always makes a mysterious and compelling for me, in every story there is a lesson.i've realized one thing which i considered very important to me and that is to love without expecting love in return.for the truth that a person cant dictate the heart but love dictates the choices we make.someday i know is gonna be too late to say the things that must be said but everytime i was lone memories always reminds me of you.i can consider me as one of those who had LOVED and has LOVE more that enough. i know I AM INLOVE but probably IM STILL BROKEN.i dont now till when or whats left to one owns me,anyone please try to fix me im broken.i will never try to impress anyone just to fall inlove with me.cause when i dont keep that standard for the rest of my life, i wont be myself."I KNOW I WAS BORN TO FALL".a past will always be a past. i will look within myself before i blame the person i once loved before.cause i learned that LOVE IS NOT JUST A FEELING IT IS A PROCESS REQUIRING CONTINUAL ATTENTION.

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