Saturday, May 16, 2009

a love note

sometimes we tend to fall to persons who we think is meant for us.but later on after so many consequences we realizes were wrong.oftentimes we are to rushing and to conceiving when it comes to love.we oftentimes forget its true(meaning) SENSE and is so majestic thus it comes at the right place,in the right time,thorugh the right for myself, i can consider me as one of those who had loved and has love more than enough.i am not hurt nor left by my loveone but i am cornered by the sands of time.there are so many hindrances and i dont know if i can handle all of them but it is certain that i know something and that is IM INLOVE..i dont know till when or whats left to do its just make the most out of everything.cause nobody knows how long will it be or till when could it last.

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