Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Minsan sa aming klase nanghiram ako ng isang mallit na libro sa classmate kong madre na si Sr. Analyn . binuksan ko ang Libro hinalikat ang mga pahina ng mahulog ang isang naliit na papel at ito ang nakaantig ng aking puso. KOnektado ito sa isyu ngayon na pinag aawayan at dinedebate sa Kongreso ang RH BILL.
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My Dear Parents,

I am sure you'll be surprised to hear from me, but I am afraid to wait any longer as my chances of eternal life are running out with every passing day. I am your UNBORN CHILD. No one kows me; no one ever will, unless you decided to bring me to life, Every time I have a chance of life, you are clever enough to take that out of which God forms me, and discard it. I am then forever forced to remain a thing of naught. If you only realized that you have God's power to decide who shall live and who shall not. When you keep me out of life a thousand others perish with me, too. You see, Life is a chain and when one lick is broken, the other links slip back into seas of silence. With the passing centuries parents long forgotten become other Adams other Eves, first parents of many men.

Could I possibly be so close to eternal life and yet until you decided to have me, be so very, very far away? I would be the sixth, I know, but I would try not to be too much trouble. I promise i'll be the one who will take care of you when you are old. I dont mind if you have to move after I am born. I dont mind being crowded, cold or hungry! All those things are passing with time; what is important to me is life eternal. Which one of my brothers and sisters would you now give up? but wait until you see me! you'll really love me.

surely one more would not destroy all the joys of life. On the contrary, I would bring into your home another ray of heaven- another unit of love. The laughs, the tears, the times we would have together and heaven for all eternity- all these things hang on your decision. I dont know why God gave you such power over me. If you get to heaven I'll not be there either because the laws of heaven state that man must pass via the womb of woman before he can enter in. you'll be happier when I am on your lap instead of on your conscience.

I will be waiting to hear from you, hoping some day to meet you.

I remain.


( from the book of Humanae vitae)

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