Thursday, July 23, 2009

my heart is crying

my heart si crying
and its all because of you
you have taken me for granted
left me with nothing to do

my eyes are swollen
my thoughts keep running wild
everytime i cry at night
as you fade away from my sight.

you have no consideration
for this aching heart of mine
now you left me with one thing
a love that is on the line

but still i will wait for you
theres nothing wrong if i try
till then im believing in sorrow
as my heart continous to cry..


Anonymous said...

ganda nman poh

Anonymous said...


superjaid said...

aww..napakalungkot naman ng poem na to,kaw gumawa?uhm..cheer up..di ko man alam kung ano ang situation mo ngayon..pero sana maging ok din ang lahat..